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Pets are one of the things that can maximize your quality of life in Lost Ark. They will follow you throughout the game, helping you to automatically pick up any loot that falls on the ground. Plus, they'll be able to access your storage remotely, send mail from anywhere, and also give you small combat buffs. So what are the benefits of owning a pet?

First you can get Pet Perks, in Lost Ark, each pet has two combat effects, which are called "Pet Effects" in the game. One can increase your output damage, and one can increase your defense attribute. Instead, you get these effects randomly the first time you get a pet.

If your pet's stats aren't quite satisfying to you, you can also reroll pet effects at the Working Achatemeow NPC in Prideholme. But each roll costs seven crystals, and then you can choose one of the three effect options after rolling to replace it. It should be noted that the gain value of each effect is also random.

In addition, players who activate the Crystalline Aura buff have additional benefits for each of their pets: the ability to provide offensive and defensive buffs to your character; allow your pet to carry secondary inventory; and be able to remotely access the auction house, mail, and storage ; and allows you to repair your standard equipment and trade tools anywhere.

In general, the benefits of acquiring a pet for the player are numerous. But if you want to improve your character's strength, it is not enough to rely on the buffs brought by pets. You also need to use Lost Ark Gold to buy a lot of good items and equipment. As we all know, it is very difficult to accumulate a large amount of Lost Ark Gold in the game. Unless you decide to invest more than ten hours in the game every day, it is difficult to have good income.

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